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Mayurkumar Patel


Creative coder collaborating with innovators

Arctic Code Vault Contributor

I learned early on in my career that what motivates me is developing solutions for real-world problems using open sources technologies. I have more than eight years of experience in helping companies for technical support and guidance. I worked for Tata Consultancy Services, the biggest IT company in India. My happy clients are TrustyDeal, Zipcar, Gobble, BalanceIT, Fitard and more.

When I am not working, I read. I love to read so much. Mahabharata is my favourite book. I also love meeting new people and learning new things so, please feel free to say hello.

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Expert Digital Translator & Guide

Who i Am

We live in a digitizing world that is quickly automating. I strongly believe that good code can and will transform every industry. Every software development process has two levels. First is the technology level where we layout WHAT gets done: automating customer communication, building a new web-based service, etc. This level is about programming languages, servers, and databases. The second level concerns WHY we are undertaking the project at all. Here the focus is on business goals like retaining customers or growing a market position.

My mission is to operate seamlessly at BOTH levels to ensure your business will get the best results of every technological decision. I devoted my self to help my clients to take the stress out of software development and make their business shine. Read More

Ruby on Rails,





MySQL, Redis,


Ubuntu, Mac,

Puma, Nginx,




End-to-End Development

From ideation to final deployment & maintenance, I partner with passionate clients & gifted developers to bring ideas to life in an efficient, sustainable, and scalable way.

Multilingual Problem-Solving

I have many tools in my toolbox (e.g., Ruby, Python, Go, React, Vue, etc.). I never resort to hammering a nail with a screwdriver.

Promote Products

I enable and optimize discovery (aka SEO) so new creations are found to the benefit of the user and the client’s business.

Manage Teams

With almost a decade managing teams from small to large, I know how to build and get the best out of fellow developers.

Recent Projects

WHERE I Do (or Have Done) This:

Balance IT

Balance IT is the global leader in pet food formulation software based in Northern California. Highlights: FDA-compliant veterinary approval system in Rails, overhaul of 100 GB+ legacy SQL database, leveraging many AWS solutions to improve erformance and stability.


Gobble is a ready to make food delivery business based in San Francisco. Highlights: Order, payment, & customer management modules creation. Challenge was to create a scalable application built in rails with up time more than 99.9% with significant requests per minutes.


A platform integrated with Google Fit for activity monitoring and analysis based in India, later acquired by Obino. Highlights: Ruby on Rails application with integration of Google Fit and Payment Services. Others: Google Polygon, PostGIS DB, Postgres and AWS Services.


An early and successful innovator in the car-sharing industry based in Boston. Highlight: Legacy registrations and reservations in ACS framework migration to Rails. Challenge: Migrate legacy DB logic to Ruby on Rails Services to serve over 10 million customers all over the globe.

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