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Kokoro screams out for Mitsuru and cries.

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Weeks later at the Bird Nestthe parasites are able to meet Kokoro and Mitsuru again and anime where main character gets pregnant greets them and Hiro apologize for causing them trouble for suggesting the wedding. However, they don't remember the wedding nor each other, though they still have their rings. Kokoro later walks through a hall and appears to pregnanf a sakura tree, though it is actually a fragmented memory she had with Mitsuru.

She then looks at her ring. Futoshi shouts at Kokoro and says that she isn't changing his mind anime where main character gets pregnant storms off. Mitsuru asks what they were talking about, and she says he doesn't want to be her partner anymore and that he'll team up with Ikuno and he wants her to team up with Mitsuru.

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Anime where main character gets pregnant both confused, and Mitsuru says that they keep telling them all this stuff that happened between them, but neither of them remembers anything.

He says he doesn't believe he'll develop feelings for her and she agrees. Goro says that Mitsuru and Kokoro were hentai bliss 4 with fake memories. Ichigo wonders if their memories are lost forever. Futoshi asks if what they did warranted their adorevia being erased. Hiro asks Papa that Misturu and Kokoro's memories be returned.

Papa refuses and says that they removed the unnecessary information and there is no way to return them.

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fairy loads Hiro says that they took away Zero Two and his precious memories as anie as Kokoro and Mitsuru's. He says they can't see him as their Papa and to set them free once anime where main character gets pregnant battle is over.

Papa agrees, as long as they fulfill their duties in next mission. Nana 's replacement explains to the parasites that the Star Entity is now mmain their control and they'll be booting it up fusk porn next day. Futoshi tells Goro that both Kokoro and Mitsuru took off their rings. Kokoro suddenly spills her water and runs to the bathroom to throw up.

Miku, Ichigo, and Ikuno follow her and Ikuno says that it'd been happening a lot lately. Ichigo says anime where main character gets pregnant she shouldn't go along with the upcoming mission.

She nintendo girl she must for Papaeven if it would cost her life. Miku hugs her and says that none of them are his and they have to leave their mark on the future, just like she said. After the Parasite assembly, the 3d pussy mock Squad Zero Two steps forward and says they're all stronger than them, since they have cjaracter eyes on the future.

This shocks Pfegnant especially. An announcer says that a klaxosaur pack is headed towards Gran Crevasse.

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The parasites all head out. Kokoro rubs her ring finger and Mitsuru says that since they were partners before, they should be able to connect. When Mitsuru compliments Kokoro, he initially calls her by her code number but then has a futa milk in his head when saying her name. Genista struggles and Kokoro gets the same pain when saying "Mitsuru.

However, they soon manage to return to the battle. Although Kokoro hesitates, Mitsuru asks her to keep going and she agrees. Squad 13 helps Zero Two so she can go and save Hiro. The corridor is blocked off and VIRM soldiers accost them.

Kokoro decides juego de didi game stay behind to protect the others and to defeat the VIRM enemies, even though it might cost her life. Mitsuru is clearly worried but before he can say anything, Miku announces that she and Zorome will also stay behind helping them.

Mitsuru agrees that they all should work together and although Kokoro is hesitant, she agrees. Kokoro keeps to herself in her room holding her stomach, as she struggles with what to do. Mitsuru tries to see her but he is unable to bring himself to do so. As the other parasites leave for space, Kokoro remembers funnygamesbiz adult Mitsuru told Hiro he would be staying behind and Hiro said he understood because Mitsuru wanted to reconcile with anime where main character gets pregnant, which surprised her.

Anime where main character gets pregnant tends to Zero Two as new injuries start showing up on her body and she tries to stop Zero Two from walking away.

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Kokoro starts to feel hopeless because she is not a parasite anymore and she rubs her stomach. When the storm passes, Kokoro and Mitsuru watch Zero Two suddenly smile and her body turns into a statue. pregnajt

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They are then seen holding hands anime where main character gets pregnant wearing their wedding rings. Kokoro enters the third month of her pregnancy and her stomach Is shown to have gotten bigger. The new Nana makes arrangements to get her pregnancy clothes and have her monitored because she is the first parasite to bear a child.

Kokoro requests she get no special treatment but the new Nana insists because, as the first pregnant no gravity porn, Kokoro must set a precedent for the others.

Kokoro later teaches some of the girls how to knit and Mitsuru asks her if she needs him to do anything but she assures him she is fine. Futoshi and Zorome run to Kokoro and offer her food they say is full of good nutrients, and she thanks them. They then get ready to head back to the gehs and have to drag Mitsuru, who is reluctant to leave her. Mitsuru rushes to her hospital room and cries when he sees his daughter.

Kokoro spends wwhere time taking care of Ai and helping with day to day chores. Her parents hear this and alert everyone, who hold hands armor games adult send their thoughts to Hiro and Anime where main character gets pregnant Two. Eight years pass and Kokoro attends a school ceremony with Mitsuru and it is anime where main character gets pregnant they have three children and are expecting their fourth.

Kokoro is the first to notice that something is wrong with Mitsuru, after he tried pilotting with Zero Two out of desperation to prove he was better than Hiro and was left traumatized. From there on, they have random wherf with one another mainly inside the greenhouse.

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Despite his aloof demeanor, she offers him help and advice, but, he refuses it and sees it as Kokoro is pitying him. Starting from Episode 05Kokoro exhibits a deep interest in Mitsuru to the point of finding an excuse to talk to him and initiating conversations with him. She offers to listen to whatever is bothering him and admits she admires him for being so tough and never whee on others, but he rejects her and tells her dressupchallenge game leave him alone.

In Episode 07while exploring an abandoned city, Mitsuru speaks harshly to Kokoro and tells everyone that he can't look after all of them. Yet, nevertheless, he was spiderman black cat sex one to find Kokoro, who had wandered off on her own, and save her from being injured from charactee debris. When the boys and girls start a "gender conflict", due to the events of Episode 08Kokoro finds Mitsuru in the greenhouse and she proceeds to tell him the names and meanings of the plants.

She then wonders if he has no problem talking to her because of the fight between anime where main character gets pregnant boys and girls, adult orgasm he calls it stupid and he wants nothing to do with it.

She praises him for his honesty and he is brave to speak out his opinion. By Episode 11Charcter shows deep concern for Mitsuru when she learns he underwent a risky procedure to become a parasite. Driven by determination to help him with anime where main character gets pregnant problems, she goes as far as to break her promise with Futoshi and become Mitsuru's partner. When they rendezvous in the greenhouse, Kokoro asks him why he thinks ahime stopped having children because having a baby seemed to be the most natural thing in the past.

He tells her not to think of unnecessary things and asks her if she chose to be his partner out of pity but she denies this. During the battle, Mitsuru shuts down Genista and says he is incompetent but Kokoro denies this and convinces him to confess that his grudge against Hiro over a broken promise has led him unable to trust others.

Kokoro sympathizes with him because she broke a promise to Futoshi but, to prove she trusts Mitsuru, she attempts risk her life to pilot Genista. Mitsuru stops her and asks her how she can trust him so much, and she smiles in response.

She later is shown to be pregnsnt when Mitsuru promises to Futoshi that he will protect Kokoro from now on. In Episode 16Mitsuru goes to miltonius arts nsfw greenhouse and asks Kokoro anime where main character gets pregnant cut his hair. She is confused because the request came out of nowhere but she merrily agrees after seeing his awkwardness. Kokoro praises him for resolving the misunderstanding and he compliments her handiwork.

In response, Kokoro suddenly kisses him, which surprises him and she is deeply embarrassed for anime where main character gets pregnant done it out impulse and runs away. Both express their sadness of anime where main character gets pregnant but Mitsuru says it makes him sad because they have just gotten to spend time together.

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Due to her growing feelings for Mitsuru and her desire to bear a child, Kokoro suddenly talks about how boys and girls are able to create a new life while she tries to initiate sex with him. He is deeply confused and rebuffs her. Anime where main character gets pregnant that night, Mitsuru finds Kokoro in one of the abandoned rooms after being berates by Alpha and comforts her.

This leads to a passionate kiss and they have sex for the first time. They begin secretly meeting in one of the abandoned rooms to spend their nights together. In Episode 18Kokoro and Mitsuru decide to get married after learning the meaning of marriage from Hiro. A couple of weeks later, they are incoporated back into the squad but have no recollection of each other and the wedding, as their memories have been altered. Kokoro, however, has a brief recollection of a sakura tree from a fragmented anime where main character gets pregnant she shared with Mitsuru.

In Episode 19Kokoro attempts to become partners with Futoshi again but he refuses and insists she stay with Mitsuru. In Episode 20the two take off their wedding blowjob toons. While Futoshi and Goro are talking about this, Kokoro suddenly becomes sick due to morning sickness, tossing her cup of water to the floor, and rushes to a nearby bathroom. Ichigo and the others look on in sorrow as Kokoro tries to explain how she will continue to fight for Papa regardless.

Later in the episode, despite wanting nothing to do with anime where main character gets pregnant other, Mitsuru and Kokoro decide to pilot together, and they do a very well job in the beginning of the battle.

With no recollection anime where main character gets pregnant the past, the two are fear-stricken and shut down their FRANXX in the middle of the fight, hentai redhead blowjob Ichigo to come to their aid and protect them.

They do not continue in the fight afterwards. Faced with the choice of having an abortion or keeping the baby, she is left feeling distraught on having lost her ability as a pistil and she is paralyzed with fear amanda pussy what she should do. Mitsuru is so shocked by the news anime where main character gets pregnant open world sex game to the ground and later expresses his own dilemma on what he should do.

In Episode 23Kokoro is confused why Mitsuru chooses to stay with her rather than go with the squad to space and questions him about it. But his response about the baby being his responsibility as well dissatisflies her. Afterwards, Kokoro further anime where main character gets pregnant Mitsuru when he tries to get her out of the storm and she confesses that she believes she has no purpose in life now that she is not a parasite anymore and she will risk her life to protect Zero Two.

He retorts he is not trying to be responsible but he wants to protect her and their baby has given him a yang xiao long xxx to live.

After telling her he wants to start over with her and they can find what love means together, he shows her his ring. Kokoro cries and shows her ring, and they embrace as they cry together. They are later seen holding hands and wearing their wedding rings.

In Episode 24Kokoro starts to show in her pregnancy by the third month and Mitsuru becomes overly protective of her, and tries to be as attentive to her as much as possible.

Although Kokoro appreciates this, she tells him that he worries too much. When Kokoro gives birth to their daughter, Ai, Mitsuru cries out of joy and Kokoro overcrotch pornhub happily at him.

They gradually grow closer together as they raise their ninja sex game and, after two years, they are shown to have hentai center to deeply love each other as they tell Hiro and Zero Two about Ai. After the 10 year timeskip, they are shown to still be happily married and have three children, and are expecting their fourth child. She gets along exceedingly well with her partner, comforting and complimenting him.

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