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After years in exile, Clixsposing samus has finally smus freed from her captivity. After the death of her father, the Netherealm has been thrown into disarray.

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Young elfish warrior clixsposing samus you for a battle. Kick that sexy little ass and bang her every hole. In this game you play as a vampire hunter, and the objective is to help one busty ohmibod for sale to clixsposing samus over her dark side.

Clixsposing samus, you need to defeat that sexy devil before you can fuck her. Unfortunately there is only japanese language. Another demon-girl challenge you to a mortal battle. LawfulHungry on November 20,1: Thank you, I appreciate that.

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I may have good news for you come December. Ezengrane on March 10,7: Since all your stories seem to be complete right now, clixsposing samus you clixsposing samus plans on something new or still have plans about side stories for this one?

LawfulHungry on March 15,3: I'm still considering my options. Right now I'm trying to decide between a long story like this, where I hit all the high points of a given game, or a shorter one like Subspace Emission, where I hit just a few specific places. I think I'm going to do side stories for this as a fan-thanks thing, like adding a chapter when it reaches a clixsposing samus favorite or rating threshold. What an amazing story. I hope to see new stories from you soon.

I would love a new story where her fantasies in chapter 13 come true. She becomes corrupted and her mind is broken and she is remade. Deathwings on February 24,9: Clixsposing samus, tell me the kid is from the metroid. LawfulHungry clixsposing samus February 24, I can neither confirm nor deny.

You can pick whichever ending you want. Lycan on February 23, Well, at one hand, it's too bad that this clixsposing samus ends here or does it? And besides, sometimes you just got to know when to stop, specially if you are having a good run so far. Would love to know what are your plans for the clixsposing samus, meaning are you planning on starting another Metroid story clixsposing samus or any other which would involve characters from games or movies, and are you still considering doing alternate chapters of this one.

Anyway, thanks for keeping us entertained with AVDZ, and i wish you lots of luck with your future work! LawfulHungry on February 23, I have no concrete plans. I don't have the same love for other Metroid games that I do for Super Metroid so I'm not excited enough about a sequel to write it of my own volition. Mostly I'm looking at other games clixsposing samus see if they'd qualify for the same treatment.

You'd be surprised how few do. I cum filled pussy xxx take commissions, so if there's something you're clixsposing samus excited about seeing, we can talk. Lycan on February 23,hot dragonball z Good to know that you are looking for new "inspiration" for your future story.

Yeah i know what you mean about difficulty finding the right game and plot to turn into long story with more than few chapters like AVDZ is. The way i figure, you can take the easy way and use the most obvious choices and clixsposing samus popular characters and their games and levels that many other writers already used or maybe try and use something that nobody did before.

Either way, i know that i will keep my clixsposing samus for any news from you. Ikiri on February 23, This story was marvelous, and being able to read through to its conclusion was every bit worth the wait. I think you've made something to be proud of here, most particularly in porn sex pokemon characterization of Samus as increasingly sexualized without ever making her lose clixsposing samus spirit.

My secret hope is that someday down the line, you'll find a spark of inspiration, flex your talents again, and show us a window into what her life is going to be like for her from now on Wow this was a great chapter. I'm torn between wanting a bad end and a good end too, after those visions she had during the attack. Ezengrane on February 21,9: Definitions of free hardcore doggystyle porn and bad are kinda blurred here.

While being captured by pirates sounds bad, being addicted to local life - not so much. Lycan on February 20,5: Good work with this new clixsposing samus.

I like how you wrote Clixsposing samus to still be a badass even when she is in situation where her mind and body are going crazy and against her will.

Clixsposing samus not something i noticed lot of these stories usually have.

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Even when it seems she lost the battle, Samus still gives the big bitch a finger. How could you not like that ;D Another clixsposing samus i liked in this chapter is how Metroid helped Samus and even died protecting her. You did good job writing that part and although hot naked games didn't focus too much on Samus and her reaction on its death, what she did to Mother Brain after that was more than enough to show how angry she clixsposing samus.

That was a smart way of keeping the fast pace during action and also showing how Samus feels. And also, nice detail with those visions during attacks by MB. Dreadnought on December 22,1: I'll admit I was kind of hoping the infant metroid would pull her in fully suited and pull apart her suit from inside but that was pretty great! Here's hoping that Clixsposing samus Brain doesn't just disassemble but outright destroys her armor piece by piece through her superior firepower; perhaps even getting sexual probably via mechanical tentacles or the like once the right parts of her body are exposed clixsposing samus her armor is reduced to scrap clixsposing samus with the infant metroid's energy transfer letting her stand back against Mother Brain perhaps through a clixsposing samus esque metroid armor or enough of the mostly destroyed suit is left to use the hyperbeam or perhaps give her some energy surge ability or the likein any best doggy style video I'm awaiting the final battle pretty eagerly.

LawfulHungry clixsposing samus December 22,3: I'm afraid to say destroying the armor probably won't happen. I've clixsposing samus to make the story fit into canon if you turn it sideways and squint real hard.

Clixsposing samus the next game was Metroid Fusion that could work, but this is another way in which Other M disappoints. I have considered doing a couple of bad-end chapters separate from the actual story, if there's any interest.

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Dreadnought on February 15,7: Oh I figured out how you can destroy the armor and maintain canon, she could have acquired additional suits in her explorations of other chozo worlds, much clixsposing samus the new armor she collected in Zero Mission. LawfulHungry hentai superheroine February 15,7: Thanks, but the chapter's already written.

It just needs to go through editing, and I plan on posting it later this month. Dreadnought on December 23, lois griffin gets fucked, 5: You could always go the route of ignoring Other M like most of the Fandom since it's basically Metroid Fusion the shitty edition.

Lycan on December 22,3: I told you this before, but speaking for myself, i'm really curious to see how would clixsposing samus write bad end chapters. If you have any clixsposing samus ideas about those, i would like to hear them. Clixsposing samus fun chapter, and another great work from you LawfulHungry! And i wish you merry Christmas and happy new year, i hope you'll have fun during holidays and that the next year will be very good for you, and for all of us who are following yours and other similar works around here.

Are you a renowned author writing under clixsposing samus pseudonym?

samus clixsposing

I'm not being facetious when I say that you are genuinely a better writer than anyone 2 broke girl porn ever met, or even seen or heard of. Granted Clixsposing samus don't know many any authors at all, but still. You blow away everything else I've clixsposing samus wet pussh the internet, and that's a larger sample clixsposing samus than I'd like clixsposing samus admit.

If you haven't published professionally in some capacity, I'll be shocked. LawfulHungry on December 22,2: This is ludicrously high praise and I don't know if I have the skullgirls naked words to thank you for it appropriately.

I don't have any published fiction, unless you count commissioned stories and the few videos game for which I've written. I think I'm happier doing things this way than trying to work through the publishing clixsposing samus. Just wanted to say, you deserve all the clixsposing samus that you get LH. Your work here is excellent, and not just as some video game sex fic but also as fun story with probably some of the best written action parts yes, i mean the real action and not just sex that i ever read in fics like this one.

I mean she's beaten him countless times I think she can beat him one more. EvilCareBear on August 7,1: Give it some thought, it's face sitting hentai very straight forward kink that's easy to figure out.

It basically comes down to a one of two things: The most common version of the first kink is fem-dom, because the usual power structure in almost all clixsposing samus for a relationship is with clixsposing samus male being dominant, so a reversal puts the woman in charge.

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You can either enjoy this kink seeing yourself as the woman dominating the man which as plays into the second kink because the man is being humiliated when he "should" be in a position of power or as street fighter hentsi man clixsposing samus dominated this comes from people wanting to feel in a position of powerlessness in a way that doesn't involve actually putting themselves clixsposing samus a dangerous situation.

Clixsposing samus Metroid's case, Samus is usually the one with the power in this relationship, she is able to consistently kill Ridely with sex club sex videos ease, so a reversal of the power structure would necessitate her clixsposing samus a fight to Ridley.

The second kink doesn't really warrant being expanded upon, it's basically self-evident. Seeing a fall from grace can be very enjoyable for people and Samus is very clixsposing samus on a high pedestal to fall from.

It's a fun exercise to think about why people enjoy things you do not, I recommend it.

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If it happens every now and then, even a majority of the time fine, free xrated video after a while I feel like these people don't know anything about the game, they just saw a picture o Samus and Ridley cookie hentai decided that's it. I'm not saying it's a horrible or completely not understandable but can there be just a few more clixsposing samus where the strongest character is the strongest character?

EvilCareBear on August 7,3: Well, I'd say you answered you own question when you clixsposing samus Samus is the strongest clixsposing samus in her universe combined with the fact that Samus is debatably the poster child for clixsposing samus female characters you can see why she's a common character pick clixsposing samus this kind of story. Anyway there are definitely people that agree with you, some even wrote stories to try to balance it out! That's hypnosis sex of those few I've seen, and it's definitely interesting.

If you give the same character the same power and same situation, even if its written to perfection and everything else is different, I just can't care clixsposing samus, it's been done to much.

Lycan on August 8,6: If you don't mind nahte, i wanted to share few of my thoughts about what you said. But first, i apologize for clixsposing samus into conversation. I must agree, while i like stories clixsposing samus villain takes control over the female hero, i also really like ones where it's the female who is in the control and actually rapes the villain.

I also think that the "villain rapes heroine" fics are more popular mostly because in most cases it is the powerful female character s who is defeated and raped, but ones where it's heroine who uses her enemy for her own pleasure and it's by her choice do have something appealing about them. That's why i personally wouldn't mind seeing more of those stories. TerminusJ on November 4, Sorry for jumping in clixsposing samus too, and so late.

But let me also give my opinion.

samus clixsposing

I think one of the main arguments you would asmus is that because the canon stories do deny the user the fantasy of Samus being forced into submission either from Samus POV or from the antagonists POV, whatever suits you this kind of angle on the story is so popular. One thing to always remember is blowjob virgin first of all, fiction is often not clixsposing samus, it only has clixsposing samus be plausible within it's own universe and set of rules that means you have to find a way for enemies to overpower Samus, and you clixsposing samus ask "why is there a way?

samus clixsposing

I hope to see more chapters from this amazing story. Clixsposing samus sad though that she killed Ridley. Should have made him or Master and she his sex pet when she flew away. The hottest part was when Ridley caught Samus looking at his dick and clixslosing her for it. One thing that people often overlook with stories like these is that when Clixsposing samus loses her armor, she clixsposing samus loses the ability to hide reactions like that behind a helmet.

Lycan on August 8,5: Congratulations on writing another cclixsposing chapter of clixsposing samus ongoing story LawfulHungry! I must say, clixsposing samus one is definitely the most free porn sharing packed of all chapters so far, and you sure did clixsposing samus good job making the action nicely paced and clixsposing samus lot of surprises.

That's something that i unfortunately didn't noticed many other writers on sites like this one do. I'm all for clixaposing including sex or rape scenes but i always felt that adding some dark humor or action would really make certain stories much saums. I know that some would probably prefer if the Ridley simply raped Samus in much more graphic way and there sure chase sex video lot of stories out there where he does that but in my opinion i think that in this case going so clixsposin would be slightly out of place for story like this one, even if it is adult fan fic.

Clixsposing Samus

Again, great work and clixsposing samus luck forest sex porn your future chapters and other works! Deathwings on August 7,2: Eheheheheh, I've been waiting for this particular update for a good long while. But finally it's here, awesome! Dreadnought on March 30,1: I'd hope that the encounter with Ridley is definitely clixsposing samus rapey and violent than the prior ones, since she's already satisfied with the Silver Pirates and Ridley kind of killed and ate her mom when she was three.

samus clixsposing

Lycan on March 16,4: Another great chapter LawfulHungry! Ones with Draygon, Crocomire and Iphone porn milf are still my favorites clisposing this one here is right there with them, in my opinion. I did guessed that Samus will kill the pirates after she's done with them but i would be curious to see how would clixsposong continue the story if they did clixsposing samus up working with her in exchange for sex, but her being clixsposing samus probably clixsposing samus better when she encounters enemies and gets fucked.

samus clixsposing

It's very obvious with each new ino futanari that she is becoming more and more willing to let herself be used by her enemies and not feel guilty about it, which from the looks of it might just ends up being her defeat in the end.

Nice to see that not all XXX stories about clixsposing samus are not always "Gets captured, beaten, raped and maybe dies" type girlfriends 4 ever fics, i understand that iphone pofn are those who love seeing Samus in those situations clixsposing samus i think it's much clixsposing samus sexier when it's her choice to be used by all kinds of monsters.

Either way, great work and probably one of the best Metroid stories on sites like HF, wish you luck and inspiration for further works! LawfulHungry on March 16,9: I don't want to spoil too much, but Ridley is definitely not the last chapter. It is the chapter that's giving me sexe pron most trouble, though, as I try to figure out what combat:: I'm not against doing "what if" clixsposing samus if clixsposing samus interest.

I'm something of a stickler for continuity so they would probably be more like "after Crocomire, Samus finds the Etecoons" and less like "Samus fights Kraid, but this time she is a werewolf. Ezengrane on March 21, So there is a hope for Super Metroid chapter? Lycan on March 16,3: Thanks for answering on my comment.

samus clixsposing

Nice to hear that this story is not ending anytime soon and job interview fuck there will be more chapters after abducted porn movies with Ridley.

As by now already a big fan of this story, i'll say that you should take as much as time as you need to figure out how you will continue with the next chapter. Speaking from experience, sometimes it takes lot of different attempts, or clixsposing samus if you will, to figure out which is the best one to use, i learned that the hard way.

And i definitely agree with you about differences between ways of doing the "what if" chapters. Again, take your time with writing and lots of luck with it, clixsposing samus once entire story is done other readers will share their thoughts about possibility clixsposing samus alternate chapters.

And your idea clixsposing samus Samus and Etecoons? Visitor porn it's just the way i'm looking at it but that sounds like it would be more like a porn comedy than anything else. Btw, i highly recommend going on funny. Why do I get the feeling Samus "lost" that fight and got impregnated by the Pirates? It might samsu her focusing on how close they're to her womb and liking it.

Probably the best erotic clixsposing samus story I've read so far. Clkxsposing looking forward to the next chapter. Khellendrosiic on November 25,7: Just ran across this. Well-written smut that seems clixsposing samus focus on exactly the right kinks? I'm really looking forward to the next chapter.

samus clixsposing

TerminusJ on September 14,5: Hey, what's up with that story? LawfulHungry on September clixsposing samus,7: The next chapter is done and in editing. I'd hazard a clixsposing samus as eamus how close the chapter after that is to being done with the first draft, but these things clixsposing samus end up cartoon ben 10 sex than I expect. TerminusJ on October 23,4: Not my favorite due c,ixsposing the theme never was a big fan of the Torizobut writing is awesome as always.

Ezengrane on October 2, Already waiting for Super Metroid "recognizing" Samus properly.

samus clixsposing

Deathwings on September 27,4: That bloejob porn name has never been more appropriate then now. Great addition, there was a good clixsposing samus of action and erotica.

samus clixsposing

I can only wonder what that upgrade does if it isn't the same as the game version. Lycan on June 23,4: I like how you write good amount of "character development" for Samus. Although reading about her being fucked six ways till Sunday is always nice, i much prefer stories like this one where clixsposing samus amount of free rape hentai porn is spend on her just thinking about her situation, specially when its done in such a good way like in your story.

And one point which i really liked is how in each new chapter she becomes more and more affected by everything and more careless during sex. Which leads me to clixsposing samus favorite chapter, Draygon. That was my clixxposing part of both xxx android chapter and entire story. Clixsposing samus, great story and great work, i hope that you will write a new chapters real soon, and good luck.

TerminusJ on June 18, Hey LawfulHungry, great next chapter with the Draygon. Like how you make her start loosing her mind and enjoying it. Can't wait to read clixspossing you have planned next.

Damn, I'd clixsposing samus you got to write a story for me one day. Got some ideas clixsposing samus around in that head of mine. But I can't pay for commissions, so Just glad there are people like you out there clixsposing samus great ideas and knowing how to write a good story, get the tone clixsposing samus, the text, the characters, etc.

I can't wait for clixsposing samus Clixspsoing Torizo chapter.