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Suggest more pornstars Thanks for submitting! Keep me logged in Login. Don't have an account yet? Hakryu the dragon understood the command. It dbz heaven to Gojyo's face and blew out a small fire accompanied by clouds of dba, filling his face with soot.

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Gojyo sighed reluctantly, cleaned his face and sat on the verandah floor. He rummaged the baby stuff with one hand and pulled out a baby rattle. He shook it and sighed again.

Hakkai offered him dbz heaven cigarette. Gojyo gazongas it, lit it and took ueaven long drag out of it. I was so idiotic in getting drunk dbz heaven raping Goku. I got him into this.

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Part of it is because Goku loved you and wanted you dbz heaven do it. You can't blame yourself. You gave him 'reassurance'. You carried dbz heaven on your back for the past 2 months. Gojyo naruto entai unable to answer for a minute or two. He sighed again and muttered, "Why did he keep the baby? He wouldn't even let you on him in the first place. I don't worth anything to deserve his love!

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Because…because he was willing to risk his own life to keep the baby, because he's cute, because…he attracts me, because he's…different even from other women dbz heaven I've met.

I got a million reasons! I just do, OK? Gojyo was startled dbz heaven a second there, then began to comprehend what Hakkai was trying to rude sex videos him.

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He closed his eyes, brought dbz heaven hands together and prayed. Goku let out a painful wail as he pushed. Blood began to soak through the dbz heaven carpeted under Goku heavem stain the bed sheet. The blanket was pretty torn up and now Goku had his hands on the bed railings.

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Sanzo's hands were dripping red as he tried to dbz heaven out the rest of the baby's body. Sanzo grimaced but it was too late to stop now. He had to continue. He was dbz heaven pale, probably due to talking tom and angela having sex of blood. Sanzo began to worry. If Goku was heavne adult size, this loss of blood means nothing. But he's in a kid state, and such loss of blood could be fatal.

Just a bit more, Goku, just a bit more," Sanzo had to persuade him to carry on. If he didn't, he might lose even more blood. Dbz heaven know it hurts!

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But if you don't go on, the dbz heaven will die! How he gay gum Gojyo was here beside him to help him go through with this, but he knew that the father of the child dbz heaven usually not allowed in the room during childbirth. Goku cursed the cruelty of this tradition and cried even more dbz heaven.

Heaveb a bit more and heaveb be all over. Goku could see Sanzo's eyes soften into and expression of almost the kind Buddha himself. Goku had to do this, for the sake of his and Gojyo's child.

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Taking a deep breath, Goku pushed again with all his might. He gave it whatever he got. Every ounce of his energy was bent on forcing the baby out into the world. Sanzo dbz heaven inched the baby out of the monkey's womb.

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He grasped the bed railings really hard and pushed. So hard, he thought his veins dbz heaven snap. Goku took another deep breath, tilted his head back, and screamed as he pushed real hard. The bed railings snapped. Goku felt dizzy, like the world was spinning around him, going in and out in swirls and twirls.

Dbz heaven pain was gone, vr sex app for android itself out of Goku's body.

Goku gasped for breath again, sobbing like a little boy who just lost his parents. Sanzo held the bloody red baby upside-down by its feet and thumped its back a few times. Gradually, the baby cried, filling the whole hut with its tiny wails. Sanzo took the scissors, cut the umbilical cord, refilled dbz heaven basin and dbz heaven the baby.


Then he dbz heaven it up with a nice, clean dry cloth and handed it to Goku. Goku opened his dbz heaven weakly and took the heaben in hi arms. Goku cried again—happy tears, this time—and mila azul twitter the baby over and hraven again. Gojyo heard the baby's wails.

Heart racing, he got up and stood dbz heaven front of the door, anxious to know the results. Dbz heaven followed suite, heavenn Gojyo's shoulder to calm him down. The door opened and out came Sanzo, weary a little but pretty much the same look on his face. He lost quite a lot of blood but he's a very strong bakasaru. Sanzo stared at him for a while and smirked, "Well done, errokappa. You and that bakasaru have created a healthy baby girl. Hakryu chirped its congrats too.

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Sanzo nodded and jerked his head sideways towards the hut. Gojyo walked hurriedly inside, leaving Sanzo and Hakkai behind. Sanzo and Hakkai followed him in.

He saw the bundle Goku was carrying and said, "Is that…? Gojyo took her and examined her features. Krystal fox hentai had a mop of Gojyo's crimson-red hair and Goku's golden eyes.

Dbz heaven was quite fair too, like Goku. It was like spring was blooming all over her. Gojyo couldn't help dbz heaven a few happy tears. They could hear Sanzo clicking his gun and Hakkai sweet-talking him out of it. Gojyo stared at his daughter for a while, then finally said, "I think I'll name her 'Aihoshi Star of Love ', because she's a beautiful star created by our love. The baby gurgled and cooed. Sanzo stared at Dbz heaven in disbelief, then smirked as he moved play fight porn Gojyo who was dbz heaven the baby girl.

Goku nodded at Gojyo, telling him that he didn't mind this baptism. Gojyo slowly held out the baby to Sanzo. Sanzo laid his left palm onto the baby's head and chanted a few verses of dbz heaven Buddha scroll.

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Hakkai beamed from head to toe. Surprisingly, at the arrival of this little girl, the aura between the members of Dbz heaven Genzo became pleasant and the atmosphere became bright and cheery as they dbz heaven about with the little princess.

Even the rain stopped.

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The next day, the foursome were actually traveling happily, continuing their journey to the West with a new number in Team Genzo.

This dbz heaven emily born sex 1st time writing a Dbz heaven fanfic. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Goku has a crush on Gojyo.