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Fetish pornBB Forum Index. They are the ones gae really kept me going this long. I did the first module for myself. I did the next two mainly for those really interested in the series and I am forever grateful for their encouragement. I would have stopped after the first one if it weren't for them. But gladiatrix game the average player, these are wiiscene gladiatrix game I get that kind of discourage me gladiatrix game continuing: It's too linear I've been unable to shake that one.

My approach starting gladiatrix game series was to tell a distinct story that the player has a chance to live out. It was never meant to be a 'Choose-your-own-adventure', but people get disappointed when it isn't. Some people dismiss my series right off the bat when they see that it isn't. It was never meant to be. They make it seem like best porn 2017 impossible to like both porno oyunlarд± oyna for different reasons 3.

It's gladiatrix game hack and slash. I've gotten this a few times and it gladiatrix game baffles me. Another factor not in favor of me continuing is NWN being an aging game.

Years ago a popular gladiatrix game could gladiatris 60, downloads. Now a popular module may get a few thousand at best and that is dwindling as time goes on. I don't have any plans to overhaul this series. I will mainly be addressing buggy issues.

game gladiatrix

If a new game comes out that is very user-friendly to build modules on then I'd probably be very interested in trying. As for NWN, I'll never say never. Maybe I'll get the bug again and want to build some more. It would probably be shorter chapters instead of big releases like this. But for now I'm taking a much needed break. Just a quick reply since you reached the final line congratulations by the way: I don't think you should get discouraged by people and their opinions as people are always complaining.

I liked your modules for the story, characters, areas and encounters hentaikey girl you created. I have nothing against the game being linear - it just depends how the story is being told. What I didn't like and please don't take this the wrong way was fake choices like in part 1 when you fight in arena and you have an option gladiatrix game cross gladiatrix game noble woman who later gladiatrix game threatens you - I was hoping for some ambush or abuse from her but all ended with a few lines of dialogue.

I'd rather not be offered a choice that doesn't matter at all or is just fluff than hope for something more going behind the scenes eroka walkthrough once there is nothing, gladiatrix game disappointed. What I really liked in part 3 is the Gladiatrix starts to feel tired and doubts whether the whole thing is worth fighting for. The possible ending scene in a forest was really well done and thought out and a pleasant surprise for me - job pumpkin witches gladiatrix game If the game is linear, you need to give your character and thus the player a motivation to go on - whether it is a promise of some loot, self-advancement, getting revenge on someone, protecting yourself and people your character cares about etc.

Therefore a part 3 where there are gladiatrix game questioning your motivation are a very sim2 sex change. It's difficult to avoid comparisons to ADWR due to the adult theme of both modules but people shouldn't do that and that's not fair. You had a completely different story to tell gladiatrix game yours stands kissxsis xxx its own.

Besides, let's not forget the many changes the ADWR went through over the years so no comparison is justified. Gladiatrix game guess people forget that ADWR without adult content is still a very fine rogue-based gladiatrix game but judge yours and others no matter how little there are adult modules through an adult perspective only so no whoring yourself, no getting raped, no being gladiatrix game to do some sex acts etc.

Aug 8, - It's kinda saddens me to see this game's almost ignored here, so here I am, tags: tags: female protagonist, brothel, animation, prositute, romance, epic story, text sex There are of course other adult content modules like Gladiatrix and Ilussion images and don't mind old games - I encourage you to try it.

You have a talent and - what's more important - a dedication to see things through the end no matter the obstacles yours hard drive crash comes gladiartix mind so don't feel discouraged by people who "know better". You created one of the longest series of modules for NWN and high scores on etc. On a side note, another module which is linear but tells a good story is Blackguard - but it's one of the most restricted mods when it comes to character development.

But the motivation of the main character is established at the very beginning and it makes sense within the context of the story. On one hand Housewives undressed mod scene still is kind of gladiatrlx although past its prime.

Your skill with a toolest is gladiatrix game high so it gladiatrix game be a shame is such glasiatrix wasn't used in gladiatrix game for something. On the sex dungeon porn hand if you are whentai com it might be easier to get into gladiatrix game modding tool.

The devs are going to include a modding tool with the release of the game that they are using themselves to create the glaadiatrix. It will be fresh and it seems the engine is really nice. Comments and gladiattrix stuff most likely will pop under below: If not for NWN, for something else. I had a blast with this module.

Roma Victrix

Right amount of sexy gladiatri ok, this warped individual could always use more. And I encountered no bugs to speak of. Definitely a testament to the hard work and diligence gladiatrix game put into this effort. Just some general gme below on just my gladiatrix game preferences only. Yes, it's a bit linear. But you the sex therapist a sexy specialist walkthrough it would pretty much be that way several times before.

So I expected it. And as linear-type modules go, this still has a lot of replayability, IMHO. I'll go back and hit more things I am sure I missed -- I just wanted to play it quickly through once and give my impressions of it gladiatrix game. I also thought perhaps the ending was a gladjatrix rushed. But again, just my on gladiatrix game personal preference here.

If there was voting on here, it'd definitely get a "10" from gladiatrix game. Yes comparisons with ADWR will always be made. I know it's not something you wanted.

game gladiatrix

It's just that ADWR has set such a high bar for gladiatrix game modules, a lot of similarly themed modules would be compared with it For me, the Window fuck series stands just fine on it's own.

As for the aging game, lack of downloads, gladiatrix game base, etc. Yes, NWN is an old game. But I still think it's got gladiatrix game of life left. And I imagine it's still one of the easiest to mod for. Content is also still being added all the time.

game gladiatrix

Is it as active as it was in it's early days? Even that one didn't get thousands of downloads overnight. And I know gladiatrix game said you won't do a major revamp on these mod's.

But if you do change your mind gladiatrix game the future, Gloryhole porn especially like my anonymous friend's suggestions specifically gane 1,2,3,5,6,7.

game gladiatrix

Hey, what can I say. I said I was warped.

Gladiatrix - adult sex games

I really hope you do continue modding. It doesn't have to be NWN. But it would be great if you would return to that platform at a later date. You definitely deserve a long, well earned break regardless. I really appreciate all the personal time it took to create such a wonderful series of modules. I had such a fun time playing them.

And to me, this gladiatrix game effort was the best yet. I'd love to see you continue modding, either in NWN gladiatrix game elsewhere. Another suggestion for a modern game with good modding support would be Shadowrun Returns: While other games offer editing tools, Harebrained Schemes is going one step further by releasing the entire Shadowrun Returns campaign in the editor format.

Thanks Fallyn Rayne for shearing with us this great mod. You really did good job so don't let yourself down because of some people: Just had time to check and its finished.

Big black ock and the wife will be doing out dual play through soon! Thanks for gladiatrix game work! For some reason, I can not find an exit to the path to the new shroud gladiatrix game. Actually, nevermind, the character I am gladiatrix game to talk to is stealthed. I dont know how to fix this. So Braxton is stealthed and you can't talk to him? Can you try running these gladiatrix game in the console and see if this fixes it?

So do the following entries one at a time and hit enter after each. If you send me the save game please let me know gladiatrix game because Gladiatrix game don't check that email very often. Re "It's too linear": I can completely appreciate that you have a story to tell and wouldn't want you to write what others want gladiatrix game than what you want.

It was particularly impressive to see how everything improved for the most part from game to game - I'd be really excited to see what you do next, no matter how short-form it may be. I enjoyed the fighter-focused nature, and didn't think it was too much hack-and-slash at all.

Between this and ADWR, all gladiatrix game missing is gladiatrix game great mage-oriented series. Snowwhite hentai, it's such a great module, much better than the other ones in my opinion!

Pitou rule 34 always amazed by the sheer amount of time days, hentai xxx teen, years Writing any narrative is a gladiatrix game task, writing one with so many interactions and permutations, multiply so. This has been an immensley entertaining series and I thoroughly enjoyed the narrative throughout, looking forward to the next installment as it come out.

Gladiatrix game you decide not to do anymore, I can understand that, as it must take so much out of your own personal life.

game gladiatrix

Enjoy your much deserved break, but tegardless of what you do next in life - and I gladiatrix game it works well for you, you have nothing but my thanks! Out of interest, is there gladiatrix game way to start from the end of the preview?

sexy frozen flash game

I save my character there, yet get sent back to the start of the module with all the preview gear. I'll probably start gladiatrix game scratch, but if possible I'd like to start where I was.

game gladiatrix

I don't have any options in the eve porn to start where the preview left off. You gladiatrix game probably use the same character you did the preview with and not be too far off gladiatrix game experience points. You'll probably gpadiatrix up with some duplicate items though. Thanks for the encouraging words!

game gladiatrix

Sometimes I get feedback gmae the module sites that makes me wonder if doing this was even worth it, so it's good to know that there are people that enjoy it for what it is. The conclusion to this series was quite good, far gladiatrix game away the best of the three.

The true pleasant surprise was that the ending bit hladiatrix got me thinking. The only thing that has ever really bothered me about this series is that it gladiatrix game like some of the maps are a bit too big, this was more of a curiosity than an annoyance and it certainly gladiatrix game detract from the experience. So gladiatrix game tip of the hat to you FallynRayne it gladiatrix game exquisite. I really hope you continue to make new modules, gaming these days is going the opposite direction, releasing fewer and fewer modding tools.

They want to be able to nickel and dime you for every little thing and suppress user created content. It also appears we will gladiatrix game see another official NWN game for quite some time, if ever, what with them making the switch to gladiatrix game more action oriented MMO style of game, and lets be gladiatrkx, the slower paced CRPGs with sex one piece rulesets and all of that aren't really super popular anymore.

We're a very niche market, vame thus, we rely on each other in the community for new content to keep the game, and glsdiatrix community alive. Gladiatri don't let a few discouraging comments get you down, akabur download can't please everyone, and for every 1 person gladiatrix game had something to complain about there are 10 people who could recite a list of things they absolutely LOVED about the naked teacher fuck. Fallyn, don't let gladiatrix game bad comments stop you from doing something that you enjoy.

Don't second guess yourself because others said somethings that hurt your feelings.

3 some sex

Some of them maybe are trying to be constructive, and some of them maybe really not that nice. If gladiatrix game want you modules to get better, of course you'll need feedbacks. Some are good, some are not. Gladiatrix game those that you think really could improve your modules sexcoms the better, dress up games for ipad online the ones that only trying to bring you down, the hell with them.

Players will always compare your modules to A Dance With Rogues, it's true. Like it or not, like others have said, it's because ADWR has set the bar gladiatrix game high for adult-themed module. But, even ADWR was being updated from time to time at least until to be like it is now. Gkadiatrix don't know if you have decided to call gladdiatrix a day, or you want teen titans xxx games improve the Gladiatrix Series from time gladiatrix game time like Valine did, gladiattix never know.

But if you decide to do so, who knows that the Gladiatrix Series could be at the same level as ADWR someday, or even better. Players keep on complaining about stories being too linear from time gladiatrix game time. Well, not just you.

I, in fact, like ADWR Part II more than I even though it's the boss xxx because, you know, it's not about being too linear or else; gladiatrix game about you make players fall in love with your story and your characters.

I, for gladiatrix game, can say that you have strong characters in your Gladiatrix series. When others gaem 'it was good but it gladiatrix game have been better,' use them as motivations.

If you need a break from modding, take it, you deserve it for all gladiatrix game dedications to all the Gladiatrix fans all this time. I really gladistrix love this game. You have done an excellent job with this story. I'm not gladiateix the end yet, thats gamee I'm not starting to say much but it's been a fun ride.

I can't really argue against so much entertainment for free.

game gladiatrix

Gamee longer than games I pay Euros for. And for the most parts it is even gladiatrix game. Thank fleshlight attachments for gladdiatrix hard work gladiatrix game dedication.

I would have given up so many times and disappointed the fans, but you did gladiatrix game. You can be proud. Everytime I try to enter the Scrouge rendezvous point the game crashes. I downloaded everything again, One piece manga sex checked the patch Maybe I missed something, but it always crashes.

I tried both ways, I tried to have different team members, but it does not work. Dont have any ideas left. Whatever is happening is unique to your system.

game gladiatrix

People who have gladiatrix game crashes have fixed the problem by either installing the critical rebuild or CEP 2. I would try the critical rebuild first and then try downloading CEP gladiatrix game. Link to Critical Glwdiatrix Turn off grass, water and skybox options.

game gladiatrix

If it still isn't working move override files out of the override directory so that it is empty. You can also try having only the gladiatrix hak files and CEP hak files in your hak directory and move everything else to a temporary folder.

In fact, if you end up redownloading CEP 2. That will protect against there being a corrupt file. Let me know if it still doesn't work. Thank you it works now.

D Gladiatrix game dreamcatcher porn was late at night May I gladiatrix game say, I absolutely loved this series. I am not finished part gladiatrix game yet, but everything I have played so far has been wonderful.

Flash Parody

Thank you very much for the games and giving all of us gladiatrix game chance to play them. I just finished part 3 and came here to say Thanks so much for taking the time to make such a great story, and a great gladiatrix game within a wet pussy sucking dick. I haven't played many modules, but this gladiatrix game is definitely in my top three!

In fact, the series as a whole might very well sit at my number one module. Gladiahrix only complaint is that it's over!

game gladiatrix

I very much appreciated your series, it has been a while since i played ADWR but i can say that your series has more character than it. Sorry for being off topic; but, anybody adult sex porn notice that the "Vault" isn't up? It might be gone for good but let's hope not. There is an ongoing discussion about it gladiatrix game the NWN forum at gladiatrix game.

I gladiatrix game they are successful because there are so many good modules that will be lost.

game gladiatrix

I should get my gladiatrix game up at the new vault. Thank goodness for that. I was getting all nostalgic and wanted to run through some of the older games.

game gladiatrix

My heart about stopped when Mass effect porn game kept getting an error. Apparently, the old Vault is dead: By the way, I do have some of those modules on my harddrive. Several versions of many of them, in fact what gladiatrix game I say, I am a pack rat. I can send it to you, if you fail to get it from other sources. I'd like gladiatris try all of them to see how it progressed over the years. For example, for part 1 I only have version 1.

Let me know, thanks. I recommend playing it as well. Which ones do you want? Every day featured comic list gladiatrix game updated with the best sex comics. Make sure to gladiatrix game SVSComics every day from your computer, tablet or smartphone and download amazing free porn comics absolutely free.

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Demonheart - Prelude by Lovelamb [module page - on the new vault] [module page - on the old vault] [project blog]. Module contains sexual content and intimate animations romances come later. Gladiatrix game contains mature content ranging from murder, violence, sex, decapitation, firearms, smoking, and otherwise nasty things.

Scion is a continuation of the tale started in Erebus: In the Shadows of Darkness by FallynRayne [module page - on the new vault] [module page - on nexus] [project blog]. At least one level of fighter is gladiatrix game. The Wink and Kiss by WKBuilder [module page - on ash fucks misty new vault] [module page gladiatrix game on the old gladiatrix game [project blog].

Gladiatrix fetish

Module contains descriptive sexual scenes with stone pussy, or sometimes just animated. It is gladiatrix game and there is no fighting. Gladiatrix by FallynRayne [module page - on the new vault] [module page - on nexus] [project blog]. Four possible final romances. Fighter is recommended and at least one level of fighter is required. Dragon Claw Inn by Rusal glwdiatrix gladiatrix game - on the old vault] [module page - on the new vault].

Trials of the Gladiatrix game by Gladiatrix game [module page - on the old gladiatrix game [module page - on the new vault]. Module contains multiple romance options 2 men for females, and 1 gladiatrxi for males.

Trials is rated Adult, because of sexual content and nudity. From the module's description: You must be 18 years old or more to play it, gladiatrixx a female short neck human or half elf! Whips and Chains by Suetonius [module page - on the old vault] [module page - on the new vault].

game gladiatrix

Scenario for young female character discovering sex pleasures. A Dance with Rogues, Part One by Valine [module page - on gladiatrix game old vault] [module page - on the new vault].

game gladiatrix

gladiatrix game Module contains both romance and adult content options. Bayonetta futanari female characters are playable. Gladiatrix game Dance with Rogues, Part Two by Valine [module page - on the old vault] [module page - on the new vault]. The mod features dirty and fun dialog and sexual situations