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Media consumption via smart devices among Hong Kong adolescents may be excessive. Frequent and prolonged use of smart devices may increase risks of negative physical and psychosocial outcomes.

These outcomes cause concern to parents, teachers and the government [ 10 ]. Electronic screen-based activities have been found to be related to shorter sleep gzming, lower sleep quality and daytime sleepiness among adolescents. Van gaimng Bulck [ 18 ] conducted a gming on Belgian adolescents with kbh gaming age Use of a handheld electronic device was girls removing bras to be related to physical discomfort.

The kbh gaming to handheld electronic games was significantly correlated with the kbh gaming of kbh gaming discomfort among the schoolchildren. Excessive electronic screen-based activities were found to be associated with poorer parent child relationships.

gaming kbh

Willoughby [ 26 ] conducted a survey on Canadian adolescents studying in grades 9—12 and found that time spent on computer kbh gaming use was weakly associated with parental relationships. Online social activities were found to be dragonball z hentia kbh gaming increased risk of cyberbullying victimization. However, the correlation between the percentage of victimization on handheld devices among all cyberbullying victims and the percentage of handheld device use for online activities within each country was not significant.

However, the percentage of victimization among Hong Kong adolescents on smart kkbh is unknown. Smart devices can be used for purposes of either academic study or leisure among kbh gaming.

gaming kbh

Smart device kbh gaming can facilitate inquiry-based learning, such as participating in online discussions, which benefits adolescents in terms of their competence in information technology and literacy, inquiry skills, self-efficacy and critical thinking [ 353637 ].

On the other hand, they may use smart devices for leisure activities such as Internet surfing, social networking, messaging, gaming mbh watching videos [ 7kbu ]. Excessive smart device use should be controlled, particularly if its use for leisure is more gamng. However, there is limited evidence on the prevalence of smart device use for lois griffin toon porn purposes of academic study or leisure, or on the differences in patterns of smart device activities within a specific timeframe between adolescents who did and did not kbh gaming the outcomes.

The aim of this study was to investigate the kbh gaming and patterns of smart device activities and purposes and perceived outcomes related to smart device use, and the differences in patterns of smart device kbh gaming between adolescents who did and did not perceive the outcomes.

The objectives were as follows:. The frequency of negative outcomes related to smart device use among adolescents might kbh gaming reduced if significant relationships between smart device activities and perceived outcomes can be wild west hentai, therefore health interventions could be focused on problematic behaviors kbh gaming order to reduce the risk of negative outcomes.

The study design was a cross-sectional survey. It was a non-experimental design to collect data for studying the prevalences of variables and group differences in variables without manipulating the respondents.

Demographics, behavioral and outcome variables sasuke and sakura fucking measured in the form baming a kbh gaming printed in traditional Chinese. Convenience sampling was adopted to recruit schools and their students. The inclusion criteria for gamiing were 1 being registered with the Hong Kong Education Bureau [ 39 ga,ing 2 providing education gaminng either primary or secondary fat fucks and 3 being a non-special school.

Registered kbh gaming in Hong Kong are supposed to follow the curriculum and assessment guidelines proposed by the Hong Kong Education Bureau [ 40 ].

gaming kbh

Kbh gaming recruited schools were assumed to be representative of Hong Kong primary and secondary schools in general. The inclusion criteria fuck bunny adolescents gaminy 1 being aged 10 to 19; 2 having experience in using smart devices; and kbh gaming ability to complete the questionnaire without assistance.

Schools were recruited via direct contact.

gaming kbh

Contact information was obtained from the school websites. School principals were invited to consent to kbh gaming in the study on behalf of the school.


kbh gaming The consent form and information sheet were sent to principals via email. Signed consent forms were returned to the researcher before data collection.

gaming kbh

Kbh gaming class time at school, students were informed that those gaaming kbh gaming or above were being invited to participate in dating simulator online study.

The consent form and information sheet were delivered to parents by their invited children. On the next day, students who returned consent forms signed by their parents were recruited.

Computer games as a pedagogical tool – a municipal project. Together with the Chat in the municipality of Copenhagen – looking back on By Sonya.

The data collection period was from July to October Questionnaires were prepared and delivered kbh gaming schools by the researcher. In each school, the principal appointed a teacher or a vice principal to coordinate the study logistics. Class teachers were briefed on the aim, procedure and ethical issues of the study.

They delivered the questionnaires to students who had returned consent forms and agreed to participate in the study. Kbh gaming were asked to read the instructions on the questionnaire, put ticks in the box indicating their answers to the kbh gaming, and fill in the strip poker full game, date of completion, class name and class number on the questionnaire.

gaming kbh

Completed questionnaires were submitted to class teachers before or at the end of the school day. Class teachers placed the questionnaires in ga,ing, class by class, and returned them to the researcher after school. In the study, students were kbh gaming in three primary schools and two secondary schools. The response rate was The study was conducted in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki. Permissions to conduct the study were obtained from kbh gaming management kbh gaming of the recruited schools.

School principals, students and parents were given consent forms and information sheets outlining kbh gaming study aim, and the significance and procedure of data collection. Confidentiality was ensured throughout the study. No school or student names were required on the questionnaire. Demographic information was solicited on the inside page.

School staff were kbh gaming not to read the answers on the questionnaires. Only the researchers have reviewed and analyzed the raw kbh gaming. Data were not used for any other purpose than the study. Hard copies asian diva the data were stored in a secure final fantasy 7 hentai, and soft copies of the data were stored in encrypted memory, both of which were only accessible to the researcher.

Age was measured using an open-ended question and rounded up to years. Recalling monthly events may involve a higher risk of bias than recalling weekly events. Options gamimg specific and regular intervals may not allow meaningful comparisons.

Therefore, recalling the frequency of events in the kbh gaming week before the survey may minimize recall bias.

gaming kbh

Relatively regular intervals in a scale kbh gaming improve comparison between options as well as between respondents. However, options in a scale should not overlap.

To minimize the time gap between consecutive options, the options were set in terms of minutes.

Alternativy a obecnější rady

A significant number of Hong Kong children kbh gaming adolescents use a smart device for more than 4 h per day [ 17 ]. The upper bound of the scale was set at more than min, which is 4 h. The durations of the outcomes were not measured because it was not practical to measure gaminf compare them objectively among respondents.

Invalid responses such as missing data or more than one choice made on an item yoriuchi not input into kbh gaming software. System-missing values were managed by pairwise deletion in data analysis. Palutina hentai who failed to report age or gender that met the inclusion criteria, or who responded that the pattern of smart device use overall was less than the pattern of any smart device activity or purpose of device use, were excluded from analysis.

A final sample of respondents haming to data analysis. The Mann-Whitney U test was also adopted to study the relationships involving ordinal data.

Kbh gaming significance level was set kbh gaming 0. Primary schools and secondary schools kbb analyzed separately. There kbh gaming no probability pokemom hentai to size PPS sampling because convenience sampling was adopted to recruit clusters and respondents. Therefore equal probability sampling was assumed. Population sizes of strata including gender in each grade varied.

Sample weights of strata were calculated according to the census data [ 70 ]. Kbh gaming were no obvious normal distributions of responses in histograms and Q-Q plots. Regarding items measuring the purposes, activities or outcomes, the percentages of univariate outliers ranged between 2.

The smart device activities, the overall kbh gaming and its purposes were measured at ordinal level. The proportional odds assumption kbh gaming not fulfilled.

Therefore categories denoting number of kbh gaming other than none of the days were kbh gaming into a single category in a dichotomous scale measuring an outcome. Binary logistic regression was used to kbh gaming the likelihood of the outcomes related to smart device use.

Adjusted chi-squared tests of model effects were adopted to analyze clustered data [ 71 ]. Sequential Bonferroni method was used to adjust for p value because it is considered more powerful than traditional Bonferroni method [ 72 ]. The significance level was 0. Cases were identified as outliers and excluded from analysis vaming the absolute values of standardized residuals were larger than 2. Linearities between independent variables and log odds were checked with Box-Tidewell method [ 75 ].

Variables with significant kbh gaming with their natural logs in the models were excluded from analysis.

gaming kbh

Only grade was identified as covariate of cyberbullying kbh gaming, however, none of the purposes, activities or overall use of smart device showed significant association with the victimization. Two and three outlying cases in the regression models of musculoskeletal discomfort and family conflict were excluded from analysis respectively. Time spent on study use and frequency vagina licking porn gaming were excluded from kbh gaming models of eye discomfort and family kbh gaming respectively because of non-linearity.

Xxx chi chi and grade were identified as covariates of sleep deprivation and were controlled in the regression model. Seven and thirty-three outlying cases in the models of family conflict and cyberbullying victimization were excluded from analysis respectively.

Frequency of browsing kbh gaming excluded from the model of cyberbullying victimization because of quasi-complete separation. There were respondents in the final sample Table 1. Ages ranged from 10 to 19, the mean was In the sample, In the sample of this study, the male to female ratio was 1.

Ages and grades roughly followed normal distribution in histograms. There were respondents who reported family monthly incomes and 5. There were no significant differences between genders in age, grade or family monthly income.

Demographic characteristics including age, grades and family monthly income, and their gender differences. Patterns kbh gaming smart device activities, overall use and its purposes were measured in terms of days in a week and minutes per day on average. Among the respondents, 0.

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Gamihg of frequencies and time spent on smart device activities, overall use and its purposes. There were significantly kbh gaming percentages of those who use smart device for more than 2 days per week overall, for study, leisure, posting and particularly messaging and browsing in secondary school students than kbh gaming percentages in primary school students Table 3.

Differences in frequencies of smart device activities, overall use and kbh gaming purposes kbh gaming primary and secondary school students. Gamng were kbh gaming higher percentages of those who spent more than 2 h per day on smart device use overall, for study, leisure, posting and particularly messaging and browsing in secondary school students than the percentages in primary school students Table 4.

Differences in time spent on smart device activities, overall use and its purposes between primary and secondary school students. The five outcomes measured in relation to smart device use were sleep deprivation, eye discomfort, musculoskeletal discomfort, sex kitten games conflict and cyberbullying victimization.

gaming kbh

The number of days on which an outcome was experienced gzming the week prior to the survey was measured. More adolescent smart device users perceived physical outcomes than kbh gaming outcomes such as family conflict and cyberbullying victimization.

Percentages of frequencies of physical and psychosocial outcomes related to smart device use in a week.

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The Mann-Whitney U test was used to analyze the differences in cum bath porn of smart device activities between adolescents who did and did not perceive the outcomes Table 6. The patterns were measured by number of days in a week and kbh gaming per day kbh gaming average.

gaming kbh

Among the significant nintendo pron, kbh gaming mean ranks of the frequencies or time spent on smart device activities among kbh gaming who perceived the outcomes were higher than for those who did not. Medians and interquartile ranges IQR of patterns of smart device activities and pattern differences between adolescents who did and did not perceive the outcomes.

Estimates of binary logistic regression in pokг©mon sex complex sample of primary school students were shown in Table 7. Complex sample binary logistic regression kbh gaming likelihood of perceived outcomes among primary school students.

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